Sunday, March 23, 2008

There's a mouse in the house!

Well, in the crawl space. And seeing as how we have all females in the house, everyone is upset that we would have to kill the mouse to get it out. And I have had to explain myself 547 times over the past week as to why we can't just catch it and humanely let it go outside. Can we stop talking about the rodent that has probably eaten all my Christmas decorations?!?!?!


Mary said...

Oh, Audrey.....
We suffered with a similar situation. There was a rat between floors at our house, in between Kyle's room and our room. Can you HYSTERICAL?? I was!
Ask Cristy. She heard my crying daily. Praise the Lord for His mercy. The rat is gone and I am stable again!!
I feel your pain :0)

Mary said...

Oops! typo...I meant to type,

Can you SAY Hysterical??

maybe I am not totally over must have scarred me!

Audrey B said...

Oh my goodnes Mary!!

When Tim pulled the traps out last night, there were 4!!! Does that mean we have a huge problem? I can't even stand it.

Tiffany said... my home, this would translate, "Mom is moving OUT until Daddy kills every single living rodent within a 5 mile radius..."