Saturday, July 7, 2007

4th of July

We attempted an outing as a family for 4th of July. We haven't done this very often since Vivian has been on the scene because honestly, it is just too much work. But Tim really wanted to try so we went to the parade. All was well there.
Hanging out waiting for the parade to begin.

Enjoying the candy that everyone passed out.

Daddy and Vivian chillin out.

Watching the parade

Honestly, this is where our day probably should have ended. We saw the parade and then a church had a balloon release ceremony and prayer for the troops so we stayed for that. Everyone was fine.

Then we decided to be really adventureous and go to the fireworks. Which didn't start for two hours. So we drove through Chick-fil-A, found a parking space that offered a quick route of escape when they ended and we hunkered down for the next two hours.

Leah cheesing for the camera.

Mackenzie brought a book, did she think she would actually get to read it?!?!?!

Madison in the chair with daddy.

Vivian was still happy at this point.

Ok, here we are about an hour into our wait for the fireworks. Leah has now taken her shoes off and stepped in fireants several times.
We brought this little table that they sat at long enough to take this picture. And flip the table over nearly losing all the chick-fil-a.

They are playing musical chairs with daddy.

She's still happy!

Notice that every picture, the chairs are in a different spot.

Now, Leah gets to sit with daddy, are you seeing the pattern here?

Leah's about done.

Mackenzie is always read to pose!

At this point I have to tell you what was going on in the background while all this running around, dropping food, getting bit by fire ants, chairs being moved, baby crying, baby nursing, etc. About an hour before the fireworks were set to begin, a tahoe pulled across from us and they started playing the most awful patriotic music you have ever heard. I am talking the worst opera rendition of God Bless America, 50's show tunes, the works. Now you're thinking, well they were being patriotic. Yes, they were. At the loudest decibel level you can imagine. So in the midst of trying to make sure the kids don't run out in front of a car, picking up a cup out of the dirt for the 15th time, your're listening to And the best part is that once the firewroks started, the people were exclaiming their joy over the music at EVERY SINGLE FIREWORK!! It was another priceless adventure in the country. You can't make this stuff up.
It's a rare day that you get all four of the kids in presentable clothing, smiling and looking at the camera. It's a good thing this one was taken before we left the house!


Anonymous said...

I love your stories. They crack me up and I feel like I was right there with you... mainly because that's about how our family outings go as well.

God bless America!!

Tiffany said...

Oh, that's funny. Just another moment to go down in the family day you will look back and laugh. Maybe not today, but one day!!!
And year, the kids will be older and you will say, "AW...remember last year when they were so little..."
But they ALL look so so so adorable. And what is up with McKensie???? She looks SO MUCH OLDER!!! AH!!! She is just beautiful!

Audrey B said...

I am glad we're not the only ones who have these odd family outings!

Mackenzie is turning into a teenager. I think I am going to cry.