Monday, May 14, 2007

Classic Brown family holiday

Yesterday morning Tim made me breakfast and let me get ready for church kid free!! It was great. We went to church and even though Tim had to sit with Madison during her entire Sunday School class, we were able to have all three of the little ones in the nursery during church!! After church we see that Madison's class has gone outside on the play ground during church. That would normally be great but since it had rained the day before, she had red clay all over her. Tim had plans for us to go out for a nice lunch so we turned her clothes inside out and untucked her shirt to try and make her presentable. We finally left church about 12:40. We are headed to a surprise lunch for me! Well, we get to Alpharetta and turn to go into the mall. At this point I realize that he is headed to The Cheesecake Factory. This sweet man has forgotten that we live in a very populated place. So he goes in and finds that the wait is an hour. Well, at this point it's 1pm. So we continue on for a nice place for lunch that has a shorter wait. We arrive at Buca De Beppo's. It's a nice Italian place. The parking lot doesn't look too crowded so we valet park and get all the kids out and go in to find that they have a 1 1/2 hour wait. Valet guy brings the car back around and we head back out. We arrive at Copelands. The wait's not too long, only about 20 min. 20 min too long. We decide about the time that Madison is laying in the floor, Vivian's screaming and Leah has done her high-pitched squeal for the millionth time, we need to leave. They called our name as we get up to head out the door. The guy apologizes and Tim says, "No, it's not your fault, we brought this on ourselves!" So McDonald's it is. At 2pm we drive through McDonalds and eat our Mothers Day meal in the car.

What, you thought that was it?!?!?! Oh no, the story continues!!!

Tim is adamant on taking me out to dinner after the lunchtime fiasco. So we decide to go to this little place in Jasper with country cooking and a laid back atmosphere. We head up there around 6:30 since we ate lunch so late. I am pulling up to the driveway when I realize, there's no restaurant there!!! It has literally been torn down, parking lot and all. Bulldozers now replace the Jasper Family Steakhouse. Sooooooooooooo, now what. Well there are two other restaurants in Jasper, Mexican and Chinese. And we weren't in the mood for either. So Tim decides that we are probably closer to Elijay at this point, so head further north. At this point it's 7pm and we are laughing hysterically. At least we kept our sense of humor. We had to stop on the side of the highway for Madison to go potty. Thankfully I keep a potty and a roll of tp just for this kind of emergency. So we finally get to Elijay. Well, there's a Ruby Tuesday's. Not exactly the idea he had but I like the salad bar there so we decide on that. It takes them forever to figure where to seat 2 adults, 1 kid, 1 booster, 1 high chair and 1 sling for a baby in a car seat. We finally sit down. It's 10 min before the server comes over. We order and I go up to salad bar and get may salad and there's no ranch. Apparently they are out of ranch and the fact that there's a WalMart in the same parking lot, means nothing to them. So we spend the next 30 min laughing at the guy who has (literally) a four-inch knife on his belt buckle. It that legal?

Happy Mother's Day!!


Anonymous said...

too funny!! our day was far less exciting. maybe i'll post about it later.

Tiffany said...

oh Audrey, how I feel your pain :) was the Spa?!?!

Audrey B said...

I haven't gone to the spa yet. I think I will have to wait until Vivian is weaned.