Monday, April 2, 2007

Monday update

Vivian is better today. She is still having a hard time with choking when she coughs but the coughing seems to be slowing. Leah and Madison are both coughing now as well. I am so tired of sickness. I am praying that all of this will leave our home and allow us to go to the park or something soon!


Anonymous said...

Just letting you know I am still here praying with you!!! It'll be over and a distant memory soon!!

Jules said...

Audrey, I feel like I know you personally from all Alison tells me. I have been praying for you, Vivian, and your whole family. I can totally relate to your dislike of illness. We've had a hard year too. I actually considered homeschooling Emma just to avoid the public school onslaught of germs. Mental, I know. Alison will tell you how phobic I am about germs.

I just wanted you to know that prayers for you and your family have been going out from more than you even know personally. I love to pray for specifics, so if you have any, just let me know!

many blessings,
Julie (in Charlotte - well, kind of)